1. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #6

  2. Kendra Morris = The Truth (Paul's Tribute Mix)

  3. Drum Library Vol.11-15

  4. Ultimate Block Party Breaks Vol. 3 & 4

  5. Drum Library Vol.15

  6. Drum Library Vol.14

  7. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #5

  8. Fabreeze Brothers (Instrumental Album)
    Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill

  9. Fabreeze Brothers
    Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill

  10. Drum Library Vol.13

  11. Drum Library Vol.12

  12. Deadly Venoms Vol.1 (Shaw Brothers Tribute Mix)

  13. Drum Library: The Lost Volume (Bandcamp Exclusive)

  14. Meat & Potatoes Vol.1 (Drum Kit)
    Paul Nice & PJ Katz

  15. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #1-4 (Bundle)

  16. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #4
    Various Artists

  17. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #3
    Various Artists

  18. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #2
    Various Artists

  19. Remixes.Edits.Blends. #1
    Various Artists

  20. Drum Library Vol.1-5

  21. Drum Library Vol.6-10

  22. Drum Library Vol.11

  23. Ultimate Block Party Breaks Vol.1 & 2
    (DJ Tools)

  24. 5 Fingers of Death Battle Breaks Vol.1-4
    (DJ Tools)

  25. Soul On The Grill

  26. Breaks For Days

  27. Drums Anonymous Vol.1
    Various Artists

  28. Fabreeze Brothers (Digital Bundle)
    Fabreeze Brothers

  29. Biscuits

  30. Diggin International
    Various Artists

  31. Forgotten Treasures #09 (Music Is My Sanctuary)

  32. Maybe If You Ask Nice

  33. Do You Pick Your Feet In Poughkeepsie?

  34. Soul On The Grill 2: The Early 80s Session

  35. Brazil 1

  36. Brazil 2

  37. Brazil 3

  38. Brazil 4

  39. Best of Sade Blends (unmixed)

  40. Neo Soul On The Grill

  41. Soul On The Blends

  42. Muro vs Paul Nice (JFK to Narita)

  43. Fresh To Def

  44. 14 Cold Blooded Breaks

  45. The Black Album Remix / Jay-Z
    Paul Nice vs Jay-Z

  46. Journey To The Centre Of The Beats


Paul Nice New York, New York

DJ. Producer. Beat Digger. Kung Fu Movie Aficionado. Worked with everyone from the Beastie Boys and Biz Markie to Mark Ronson and Ol' Dirty Bastard. Played the haughtiest of hovels to the dankest of dives everywhere from NY to LA, London to Paris, Tokyo to Sydney and back again. Repertoire: Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Brazilian, Dub, Dancehall, Soundtracks and other cool stuff. ... more

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